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Why Massage is Good For You.

The Greeks, Persians and Chinese practices massage as a spiritual art Now, as then, massage is not only a powerful therapy for recovery from tension and fatigue; it's also a powerful tool of preventative medicine, valuable in keeping healthy people healthy.

Here's Why---- Your body is nourished, cleansed and maintained by your blood and lymph systems. Pumped by your heart, your blood circulates oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, where they are converted into energy.

A by-product of this process is lactic acid, which is filtered out with other toxic wasted and carried away by our lymph system — the same miraculous ‘sanitary system' that is in charge of your immunity, protecting you from disease.

When activity becomes strenuous, however, this process loses its efficiency. Energy requirements exceed supply. And you feel it with the force of your swing at a tennis ball, for instance, isn't as hard after two hours of play as it was when you started.

A similar problem occurs with too little activity — when you've been at your desk too long and find your mind slower, your irritation higher, and tension grabbing your neck and shoulders.

In both cases lactic acid accumulates. Your muscles become cramped and sluggish. Blood and lymph flow decrease and fatigue sets in.

Doesn't rest take care of all of this? Eventually, yes. Rest is your body's natural means of recuperation. But it takes time, as you know. And in the active, demanding pace of life today, there is rarely enough time for enough rest. The result is that the damaging effects are compounded, day after day, affecting not only the way you feel and function right now but also your future and well being.

Massage speeds up the recuperation process dramatically, reducing recovery time by half, rejuvenating your blood and lymph systems, helping you to keep healthy.

Therapeutic Massage
30 Minutes $55.00
60 Minutes $75.00
90 Minutes $115.00
120 Minutes $125.00

Prices subject to change without notice.